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Advanced Laser & Eye Center of Arizona

Ophthalmologists & Optometrists located in Gilbert, Chandler, and Queen Creek, AZ

If you’re in need of new glasses, trust Kianoush Kian, MD, Scott Wayment, OD, and the team at Advanced Laser & Eye Center of Arizona, home of with offices in Gilbert, Chandler and Queen Creek, Arizona to help find the best pair for you. The team at the optical center can help you select the best lenses and frames to suit your prescription, style, and budget. If you’re in the market for a new pair of glasses, call Advanced Laser & Eye Center of Arizona at 480-632-2020 or make an appointment online at


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Optical Services Q & A

What services are available at the optical center?

While the eye doctors at Advanced Laser & Eye Center of Arizona offer comprehensive eye exams and testing to provide eyeglasses and contact lens prescriptions, their team of friendly and knowledgeable opticians helps you choose the best glasses and contact lenses to meet your needs. 

Advanced Laser & Eye Center of Arizona carries a comprehensive range of eyeglass frames from a variety of designer frames to suit every style and budget. They also provide a wide range of lenses and coatings, as well as several types and brands of contact lenses. 

After your exam, you meet with a member of the optical team to talk about your needs and choose your new glasses or contact lenses. 

What do I need to think about when selecting new glasses?

When you pick out new glasses, you probably spend a lot of time choosing frames, which is an important decision. However, while your lenses are less noticeable than your frames, you also have some options to consider, including lens design, lens material, and lens treatments. 

For example, different lens designs such as bifocal, progressive, or single vision are needed for different types of refractive errors. Additionally, while most eyeglasses lenses are plastic, depending on your prescription, you might opt for thinner and lighter polycarbonate or hi-index lenses. 

Finally, you need to choose the best lens treatments for your new glasses. Advanced Laser & Eye Center of Arizona offers UV protection, no-glare, and smudge and scratch-resistant coatings. They also provide a blue-light blocking treatment. 

What shape of glasses is right for me?

Different frame shapes look better on different facial shapes. For example, if you have a square facial shape, you might look best in square-shaped frames or options with soft angles to complement the natural angles of your face. And if you have a round face, rectangular and geometric shaped frames are usually more flattering than round or square frames. If your face is oval-shaped, your frames should be at least as wide as the broadest part of your face, and you should avoid frames that have low or dropped temples. 

The team at Advanced Laser & Eye Center of Arizona has years of experience in helping patients like you choose attractive frames and the perfect lenses to correct your vision and complement your style. 

Call Advanced Laser & Eye Center of Arizona today at 480-632-2020 or make an appointment online at for expert eye exams and optical care.

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