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Mobile Eye Clinic Specialist

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Mobile Eye Clinic

In response to the Novel Corona Virus Epidemic (COVID-19 Virus), and out of understanding for you and your loved ones’ concern about social distancing and risk of catching the Corona Virus, effective June 1, 2020, is proud to provide MOBILE EYE EXAMs through its new fleet of airconditioned, fully equipped fleet of MOBILE EYE CLINICS. 

 These  eye clinics on wheels can be driven to your home or your place of work, saving you the time and trouble of traveling to the doctor’s office for any of your medical eye exams or vision eye exams.

 Each clinic has all the examination and diagnostic capabilities of our main offices except for surgical procedures, so if you or your loved ones are concerned about Corona Virus COVID-19, and do not want to leave your home unless absolutely necessary, rest assured that there will only be the doctor and you in this clinic—no other patients and no staff either.  And each clinic is wiped down with Corona Virus killing disinfectants between each patient. 

 In addition, each clinic is fully airconditioned to the standards of a freestanding building, so summer heat is no problem!

 We look forward to seeing you in one of our Mobile Eye Clinics soon, and hope to continue to provide this service for those of you with transportation issues or even those who do not want to take too much time off work to drive to a clinic, on an ongoing basis in the years to come.