Meet Our Knowledgeable Staff

Each of our staff is handpicked for their aptitude, competence, enthusiasm, and
compassion. Our long-term patients come back year after year looking for their familiar
smiling faces and capable, reassuring qualities.

Patient Care Coordinators

A medical front office is a busy intersection where health care workers and patients interact. This atmosphere is often fast-paced and requires an eye for detailed record keeping. Our professional and efficient front office specialists are dedicated to serving you to find the best appointment time and date for your convenience. They will answer your questions and facilitate getting answers for questions you have from the doctor, technicians, or the billing department. They are pleasant, diplomatic, courteous, and caring individuals. They are the smiling faces who greet you upon your arrival and THANK YOU for your business upon your departure.

Insurance / Billing Specialists

One of the most important duties of the front office medical staff is billing and coding. Medical coding requires assigning specific codes to the correct medical procedures. Our insurance billing staff handles patient accounts, processes co-payments, and files insurance claims. They masterfully handle the myriad details necessary to satisfy the insurance companies, often contending with these organizations to get your bill covered. They are happy to assist patients with any insurance questions that may arise with referrals prior to a visit, insurance claims after, and any issues in between.


For many patients, selecting eyewear can be stressful. It can be an overwhelming task to sort through the numerous frame styles to select the look and fit which best suits various features and lifestyles. Even more confusing is the ever-changing lens technology. With so many options, how can you be sure you are making the right choices? Our optical staff makes it an easy and pleasant experience. They explain the lens types, materials, and options available to help decide what suits patients’ visual needs, lifestyle, fashion preferences, and budget to provide the perfect pair of glasses.

Ophthalmic Medical Staff

The ophthalmic medical staff helps the Ophthalmologist identify, diagnose, and treat eye conditions and diseases by preparing medical histories and performing preliminary tests. This is vital in providing patients with an accurate eye examination. These trained professionals must know how to perform diagnostic procedures to test and measure visual function and acuity in patients. They apply drops and medications to patients’ eyes and perform visual field testing, topography, tomography, and photography. They also inspect prescriptions for patients’ glasses, help with eye procedures, and retrieve laboratory work, as well. Their training and education is ongoing due to the advancements in the field of Ophthalmology and technological progressions.

Surgical Coordinators

The surgical coordinators handle the multiple scheduling details, including dates of your pre-op appointment, history and physical evaluation, surgery, post-op appointments, and other tests done at our offices. They make arrangements with the surgery center, anesthesia services, and when indicated notify your insurance company. They will make the process as smooth as possible for you and give you all the information you require to keep you fully informed. You will be given reminder schedules and informational booklets covering the procedure and the surgical arrangements that have been made.

Certified Ophthalmic Surgical Assistants

The Ophthalmic Surgical Assistant certification is available to certify ophthalmic medical personnel with a core level of certification who are interested in helping ophthalmologists with a variety of important surgical eye procedures. Certification at this level signifies that an individual has completed a select number of course credits or hours, demonstrated relevant work experience, and completed the corresponding certification examination. Our Ophthalmic Surgical Assistants are knowledgeable in pre-operative preparation of the patient, surgical instruments, aseptic technique, surgical procedures and complications, and surgical pharmacology.