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Referring Providers



We value the trust our referring providers place in us, and always endeavor to service your needs by:

  1. Getting the patient seen in a timely manner—if you or they think they need to be seen today, they will be seen in one of our offices by one of our providers TODAY, no questions asked.
  2. Taking care of the problem, so that you can rest assured your patient is taken care of.
  3. Answering all the patient’s questions, so they do not have to ask you for guidance on the issue.
  4. Keeping you informed, on a SAME DAY BASIS, by faxing you the examination results, so that you can rest assured what stage of the process your patient is at.
  5. Avoiding ophthalmic abbreviations and “lingo” in the examination document so that you can read them in general medical terms, but be able to look at exam specifics if you are curious and want to delve in further.

Also in an ongoing effort to be of value to your practices, and help you in your day to day practice of seeing patients, we provide a brief two page “Primer” on how to triage common ophthalmic conditions you might face in you practice for which you do not have the exam equipment. We hope this helps you make appropriate dispositions in instances such as red eyes and “flashes”. You can obtain this by clicking on  Ophthalmic Primer


You can also get an updated, typed complete list of insurances we accept by clicking on Insurance List


Lastly, we can hold diabetic screening days at your clinic by bringing our Mobile Eye Clinic to your facilities and do your patient’s diabetic screenings on premises. This is a useful idea for those patients that seem to never get their screening done. YOU MAKE THEIR APPOINTMENT for them on specific days of the month AT YOUR CLINIC, SO YOU KNOW WHETHER THEY SHOWED UP. We come on that day and screen several patients for you. You get the report on asame day basis. That’s it.

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