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Mobile Eye Clinic



In an effort to help the public in the best way possible, we have a partnership program wherein we come to the corporate, school or other institutional premises with our MOBILE EYE CLINIC, and see patients on premises. The patients get their eye exam in less than 30 minutes. The institution offers convenience and boosts morale, while reducing down time. It’s a win for all.

Of course, we can always visit patients on their drive-way as well!

How It Works

  1. Contact Us  to set up a site visit.

  2. We will handle the logistics and assist with event set up and internal marketing materials to inform staff.
  3. Staff / Parents make their appointments online with us for the event. We take all vision and medical insurances and will handle all billing.
  4. We drive up to your premises with our Mobile Eye Clinic and provide the Eye Exam and any other diagnostic testing needed.
  5. The employee/student/resident is back in less than 30 minutes. (Sorry Kids!)
Our Locations

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