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How to Stop the Progression of Glaucoma

Our entire team here at Advanced Laser & Eye Center of Arizona, home of, is committed to providing outstanding eye care for individuals of all ages in and around the communities of Gilbert, Chandler, and Queen Creek.

Board-certified ophthalmologist Kianoush Kian, MD, FAAO, optometrist Scott Wayment, OD, and allergy specialist Thomas Willim, PA, use their extensive skill and the most advanced medical technology available to accurately diagnose and provide the most effective treatments for conditions that threaten the quality of your vision and the health of your eyes, including glaucoma.

Read what these top-rated specialists have to say about glaucoma and the therapies we offer here at Advanced Laser & Eye Center, where we include the convenience of fully equipped, state-of-the-art mobile exam labs and treatment facilities via MyEyesToday.

Understanding glaucoma

There are many forms of glaucoma, all of which damage the optic nerves. These nerves, one for each eye, carry the light impulses gathered by your retina to your brain, which reviews the signals and interprets them as the images you see.

Harm to the optic nerve results in visual loss, which may be mild initially but progress as the condition affecting the nerve advances. Most forms of glaucoma are linked to increased pressure in your eye. 

This pressure eventually damages the optic nerve, and if it goes untreated, glaucoma leads to destruction of the nerve and irreversible vision loss.

The most common type is open-angle glaucoma. Fortunately, because the visual changes related to open-angle glaucoma usually worsen slowly over time, there is much we can do to protect the visual loss related to this disabling condition.

How do you treat glaucoma?

The increased eye pressure related to glaucoma is often linked to an abnormal buildup of the naturally occurring fluid (aqueous humor) within your eyes. This fluid normally maintains a relatively constant level, and any excess drains away via a complex tissue structure known as the trabecular meshwork.  

When your system overproduces this internal fluid or the drainage network doesn’t function properly, pressure within your eye increases. Our treatment goal, then, is to reduce this abnormal buildup of fluid.

At Advanced Laser & Eye Center, our specialists design individualized treatment plans that focus on your needs and circumstances. Depending on the nature and extent of your condition, your strategy may include:

In some cases, your provider may recommend laser therapy or minimally invasive surgery to lower eye pressure and prevent further vision loss.  

Rest assured that our specialists are well-equipped with the advanced training and innovative technology required to provide the latest and most effective treatment options available for preventing the progressive visual loss linked to glaucoma.

Can you prevent glaucoma?

There is much you can do to help prevent the debilitating effects of glaucoma. The easiest and most important step in prevention includes routine eye exams.

During a comprehensive exam here at Advanced Laser & Eye Center, we check your visual acuity as well as the inner health and well-being of your eyes, including higher-than-normal pressure levels that may warn of an increased risk of glaucoma. 

Once we determine your risk, we may recommend daily eyedrops or other therapies to help protect your eye health.

Other ways of preventing visual losses related to glaucoma include an overall healthy lifestyle that’s focused on adequate exercise, a nutritional diet, and other positive habits. Because conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease threaten your eye health, we also recommend effective control of these issues.

For all your eye care needs, including outstanding care for sight-threatening conditions such as glaucoma, schedule a visit at Advanced Laser & Eye Center of Arizona today. 

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