Cataract Surgery With Zepto® Technology

Your eye lenses focus light and help you see. If your lenses begin to deteriorate and become cloudy, you may have a condition known as cataracts.

Cataracts are a very common eye condition, affecting many people as they age. By 2050, roughly 50 million Americans will have cataracts, according to the National Eye Institute. Fortunately, cataract surgery offers a safe, effective way to remove cataracts and correct the vision problems they cause. 

Here at Advanced Laser & Eye Center of Arizona, home of, our eye care specialists use the innovative Zepto® Precision Cataract Surgery system. Here, we explain more about how this exciting technology helps our cataract patients.

About cataracts

Cataracts are cloudy areas that develop on the lens of your eye as the result of the deterioration of proteins within the lens. As the cloudiness increases, it can distort your vision.

Your chance of developing cataracts increases with age. In fact, cataracts are such a common age-related ailment that more than half of all Americans over age 80 either have cataracts or have undergone cataract surgery. Although anyone can develop cataracts, they’re most common in white Americans.

Cataracts can cause a range of symptoms. Common symptoms include:

Because these symptoms can come on slowly, you may not notice them at first. It’s important to get regular eye exams to ensure your eyes stay healthy and to catch problems right away when they’re easiest to treat.

Treating cataracts

At first, cataract symptoms may be managed with changes in eyeglass prescriptions and making adjustments to your life, such as using stronger lighting and avoiding driving at night. Cataracts worsen over time, however. Cataract surgery, which replaces the lens in your eye with an artificial lens, is the only way to eliminate cataracts. 

We correct cataracts in our patients with Zepto robotic eye surgery. This innovative tool uses state-of-the-art precision pulse technology that’s gentler on the eye than other types of cataract surgery systems. 

Compared with traditional laser cataract surgery, Zepto robotic surgery results in less swelling and a faster recovery. We replace your cloudy lens with an artificial lens that is not only clearer, but also can correct for some vision problems such as astigmatism.

Have your eyes evaluated

If you think you may have cataracts or if you have any other vision concerns, our providers are here to help, specializing in diagnosing and treating a full range of vision problems. Our offices are conveniently located in Gilbert, Chandler, and Queen Creek, Arizona. Contact us to schedule a visit today.

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