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3 Benefits of Dropless Cataract Surgery to Consider

3 Benefits of Dropless Cataract Surgery to Consider

A cataract is a type of cloudiness that occurs in the lens of one or both of your eyes. It’s a common condition, affecting more than 20 million Americans over age 40, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Left untreated, cataracts can cause vision loss. In fact, the CDC says cataracts are the top cause of vision loss in the United States.

Fortunately, cataract surgery provides people affected by cataracts with a safe, effective treatment option. Cataract surgery can replace your cloudy lens with a clear, cataract-free artificial lens.

Here at Advanced Laser & Eye Center of Arizona, home of, our eye care providers offer a state-of-the-art cataract procedure known as dropless cataract surgery. This procedure provides our patients with many benefits, including the three that we highlight here.

Benefit 1: Convenience

After traditional cataract surgery, you use medicated eye drops on a daily basis to help your eyes heal and to protect them from developing infections. Putting drops in can be difficult and inconvenient, especially if you have arthritis or other medical conditions that make it hard for you to self-administer eye drops.

Or perhaps you’re terrible at remembering to take medications or supplements and would forget to give yourself eye drops regularly. With dropless surgery, you don’t have to set reminders or worry that you’ll forget.

Benefit 2: Healing and infection protection without drops

If you have dropless cataract surgery, you still receive the protection that drops provide. But instead of daily drops, your eye surgeon places healing, infection-protecting medication into your eye at the time of your surgery. This medication offers protection throughout your postsurgical healing period. 

Our patients appreciate that they can have the protection that drops provide without the burden of having to use drops.

Benefit 3: Cost savings

Traditionally, you may need to use drops after cataract surgery daily for two to four weeks. Postsurgical eye drops can be expensive, especially if your health insurance has high medication co-pays. With dropless surgery, you don’t have to lay out funds for costly drops. 

Learn more about cataract care

If you’ve been told that you could benefit from cataract surgery, or if you’re experiencing blurry vision, trouble seeing at night, sensitivity to light, or other cataract symptoms, our providers invite you to come in for a full evaluation.

After examining your eyes and determining the cause of your symptoms, our providers create a customized treatment plan for you. If your plan includes a recommendation for cataract surgery, we determine if you’re a good candidate for dropless cataract surgery.

Whether you receive traditional or dropless cataract surgery, our providers work with you to give you the clearest possible vision and the best surgical outcome. 

To schedule an appointment with our skilled providers, call Advanced Laser & Eye Center of Arizona at the office nearest you or book an appointment online.

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